Midwest-based photographer specializing in food, music, lifestyle, kids and even pets! Working primarily in Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Des Moines, Chicago, Kansas City, Omaha, Minneapolis, throughout the Midwest.
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He makes pretty by day.

While primarily a food photographer for magazines, advertising agencies and food related assocations, he's also a lifestyle photographer specializing in people being people but especially kids being kids. And when working with kids, it tends to get loud as he brings out the unbridled joy in them. He likes loud. He likes louder better and so do the kids and it shows in his photos

He's based in Des Moines, IOWA(!) Works here. Actually, anywhere. Bags are always packed ready to go.

His studio has natural light and controlled light shooting areas and a fully equipped kitchen. It's a fun and funky workplace that's full of electic collectibles that makes for a relaxing and creative workplace. While it's quite a light-hearted atmosphere, serious business is done here.

Years in business: DECADES!

He's easy to work with. Fun. And a bit quirky. But in a good way.

He shoots gritty by night.

He just can't put his camera down. After hours he can be found photographing live music, documenting  the unique side Americana and street life, and things that most people wouldn't even notice but Andy feels it's his duty to bring it to their attention. Details, oddball details. He's quirky here too.

But it's live music that takes him to another reality. Always trying capture that elusive moment when a musician gets lost in the moment. And when he captures one,  he needs to do again. A better one awaits. Those elusive moments are elusive. He's never satisfied.

That's pure Andy.

Good enough is never good enough. Whether it's while making pretty by day or gritty by night.

A quirky perfectionist.

He's so that way.